Pre-conference Workshops: Tuesday – 23 April 2019

08:30 Registration and Refreshments

Registration and Refreshments

09:00 Workshop 1: Making the Business VAT Friendly

The workshop focusing on practical issues in implementation of VAT and preparation for the tax year end is aimed at helping the members of the GCC to understand the various practical issues in the implementation of VAT and see how they can be properly equipped and organized.

Workshop Objectives:

• Get clarity on various practical issues that are being faced in the Implementation of the VAT Law in the day to day business.
• Get an understanding of the VAT Law and Executive Regulations relating to accounting for transactions
• Understand the requirements of the VAT Law and the preparedness that is needed for the Tax Year End

13:00 Prayer and Lunch Break

Prayer and Lunch Break

14:00 Workshop 2: Re-evaluating Your Procurement Process

This interactive program is designed to develop skills in negotiation and to improve the confidence to apply those skills.

Workshop Objectives:

• Developing advanced negotiation skills
• Assessing, managing and mitigating risk
• Category management

17:00 End of Pre-conference Workshops

End of Pre-conference Workshops