Procurement Middle East Awards 2020

About the Awards

Held on 25 November 2020, the Procurement Middle East Awards were truly a celebration of the procurement sector.

The awards were a testament of the hard work and contribution of procurement professionals in transforming the procurement function, driving innovation and brining meaningful positive change to the organisation.

Congratulations to all the winners!


2019 Award Winners


Categories for 2020

1. Breaking the Barrier Award: This category highlights at rewarding a function or team that’s taking proactive measure to manage and mitigate risk for competitive advantage and better functioning.

2. Procurement Team Award: A great team makes up of individuals who are open in their communication, collaboration and trust. Successful team always keeps a clear vision in focus and continually drive each other towards achieving the common goal. This award will highlight and honour such a Procurement Team.

3. Most Innovative Technology Project: This category highlights projects which provide an innovative solution to support and enhance procurement value delivery and increase your return on investment

4. Procurement Consultancy Award: This category recognizes the effort and involvement of an external entity in pushing boundaries within your business and how, these changes will impact your business.

5. We’ve Got the Talent Award: This category honours those organisations, which realise and implement strategies to nurture and retain talent within the procurement industry. As the industry evolves, there is an increasing need to keep up with the pace and hence training and development plays an important role in the function.

6. Budding Talent Award: This category would highlight and honour young talent and youth who has been working towards making a difference in the procurement industry.

7. Procurement Transformation Award: This category will look at recognizing those technologies which have made a difference and breakthrough in digital procurement, in the form of data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence

8. Supplier Relationship Management Award: This category will recognize organizations which have a comprehensive approach to procurement managing and capturing the post contract value from key business relationships. Managing suppliers and their expectations are key to every business.

9. Cost Optimization Award: This category will award that company/team, which has been successful in showcasing practices on purchasing cost improvement initiatives and savings methods.

10. Best Procurement Project Award: A breakthrough project which has changed the way a company’s procurement department works.

11. Procurement Hero Award: This award recognises a person who has gone above and beyond in his / her procurement job role, whether that’s providing exceptional individual contribution or going the extra mile to help their colleagues / company / community / country during COVID-19 pandemic.


Eligibility and Evaluation Criteria

To be accepted as a nomination for the awards, you must submit a brief outlining:

1. Why your nomination should be considered for the respective category? (Not more than 500 words)
2. What are the innovations that you would like to highlight in your application? (Not more than 500 words)
3. Highlight the aspects of your nominations that can have an impact on the procurement sector. (Not more than 500 words)
4. Why should your nomination win? (Not more than 500 words)

General Terms and Conditions

1. All domestic and international companies are eligible to participate in the competition.
2. You will need to submit application in English in accordance with the requirements of the award.
3. Each individual / team / organisation is allowed to enter with a maximum of 3 different projects.
4. All applications must be received by 5 November 2020
5. The Award Committee has the right to block the entry for any of the categories, if deemed appropriate by the Committee.
6. The decisions of the evaluation Committee and the Award Committee shall be final

About the Jury

A judging panel consisting of high profile members of the industry have been appointed to view and deliberate each and every entry. Each entry in a category is evaluated by 5 to 10 judges, in accordance with their field of experience.

Before the judging phase, every member of the judging panel declares if they have affiliations with any of the competing entries. In such case, the judge does not get to rate any entries in that category.