How to Apply for the Procurement Middle East Awards 2021?

1. Prepare
Review the categories and decide which is most suited to your organisation. Read the category description, criteria for application and who should apply details on the website.

2. Submit an Enquiry
Submit an enquiry on the website and the categories that you may wish to apply for. You may select more than one category that is of interest to you. An email will be sent to you with the application form and submission requirements for that entry.

3. Collate Your Application
Prepare all of the information to be included in the application form, noting the word limits, file formats and deadlines for your submission. Complete all of the information.

4. Submit Your Entry
Send you entry to by the submission deadline. It is possible to use a file transfer service to send large files, videos etc. Only information compliant with the category guidelines will be considered by our judging panel.

5. Acknowledging Your Entry
Once your completed submission is received you will receive an email confirmation confirming successful entry for that category. If any information is missing you will be advised of the missing requirements.

6. Feedback on the Short-listed Submissions
The awards judges will complete an initial review of all submissions and then a short list will be published.

7. Awards Ceremony
The category winners will be announced in person at the awards ceremony in Bahrain. The winners will then be photographed, interviewed and celebrated with the winners being published via media channels the following day.

How is Each Category Evaluated?

1. Your submission will be reviewed by the Messe Frankfurt event team to ensure that your submission in compliant with the submission guidelines (length of copy, documents provided etc.)

2. The compliant submission will be shared with the awards judges who will then evaluate all category entries, to rate them based on the criteria defined for that category. A short list of the best entries for the category will be agreed upon by the judges and announced.

3. The jury will then meet to review and evaluate in detail the submissions with a discussion of their merits. Another round of ratings and scores will be allocated by the judges to define the winner.

Nominations now closed.